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Centre for Clinical Haematology

CFCH aspires to be one of the leading haematology centres in Asia. We are committed to driving innovative healthcare in Haematology, focusing on improving clinical outcomes while increasing value for our patients.

Integrity, Passion & Accountability are our most important values

Our entire team is dedicated to ensuring you have a smooth and reassuring journey at CFCH from initial contact through diagnosis to recovery

Why Choose Us

By Health Professionals For Patients

At CFCH, we are committed to providing quality care and working hard to make our patients’ health our priority.

We provide:

1. Personalised medical care backed by state of the art diagnostics and treatment
2. Dedicated team of haematology nurse co-ordinators to guide our patients through their journey
3. Comfortable outpatient treatment facilities specially tailored to suit the needs of our haematology patients.
4. Access to inpatient haemato-oncology facility at Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital, with its 3 HEPA-filtered positive pressure transplant rooms and 15 single rooms for management of haematology patients.

Our Doctors

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Dr Lim Zi Yi

Dr Lim Zi Yi is the Medical Director of CFCH. He is a Senior Consultant specialising in Haemato-oncology and Haematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation. Dr Lim is passionate about approaching patient care in a holistic manner, utilising state of the art diagnostic tests together with novel treatment protocols to develop personalized treatment strategies for his patients. He has equally worked  hard to create a centre where the medical team are focussed on giving patients and their families the time, support and strength they need to recover. 

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Dr Ng Chin Hin

Dr Ng Chin Hin is a Senior Consultant Haematologist who specialises in Leukaemia and other blood cancers. He was the Leukaemia Lead at National University Cancer Institute of Singapore (NCIS) and has more than 10 years experience in this field.  He was active in clinical research and was the Research Director for the Haematology Division in the Department of Haematology-Oncology at NCIS. In addition, he was also actively involved in undergraduate training and was an Assistant Professor at Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore.

Meet our team

Meet our team

Meet our team


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I would love to share how grateful I am to Dr. Lim

Having had the blood cancer 3 years ago, I would have said that there had been no hope for me at that point of time until I met Dr. Lim. I dare to say that with  Dr. Lim, I would have myself today much recovered from the treatment designed by Dr. Lim. He put his care and heart towards myself especially when I were at the quarantined area for the chemotherapy. I would love to share how grateful I am to Dr. Lim during 4 months non-stop treatment at Mount E Novena where I could find the light of my life. Also my appreciation towards all the doctors and nurses who were sharing all their caring and kindness to me and my family during the time.

Thanh Nghi (Vietnam)

‘I want to emphasize that Dr Lim’s knowledge is leading edge and his track record of recovery rate is top notch here in Singapore and in the region.’

I was transferred to Mt Elizabeth Novena and placed under Dr Lim’s care after 2 rounds of chemotherapy. Dr Lim is one of the very few hematologists in Singapore specializing in the haploidentical technique, a transplant which allows me to obtain healthy marrow from my sister even though we are not a perfect match. I want to emphasize that Dr Lim’s knowledge is leading edge and his track record of recovery rate is top notch here in Singapore and in the region.

Complimenting his expertise in treating leukemia, Dr Lim is very dedicated and responsible to the well-being of all his patients. I remember that he would come directly to the hospital to check on all his patients in the ward the moment he landed, after short medical trips overseas. He also exuded confidence as he communicated the roadmap and milestones towards the transplant. In turn, these discussions gave me and my caregivers a lot of assurance, and I felt that there was light at the end of the tunnel with Dr Lim helping me.

Dr Lim has excellent bedside manners and is always patient to listen and answer my questions and clear my doubts. Seeing Dr Lim’s smiley face every morning when I was in the ward brightened my day; he inspired courage and confidence in me so I never cried or complained of the painful side effects of the chemo and transplant.

I’m truly grateful to Dr Lim, who helped to heal me at the darkest moment in my life. Now in full remission for 16 months, I’m back with my family, looking after my kids, working and pursuing my hobbies again.

Thank you so much, Dr Lim!
Hand to heart, I highly recommend Dr Lim to all patients suffering from leukemia.


‘Dr Lim has given me such care and encouragement, not just as a doctor but as a great human being!’

Sometimes you don’t have a choice when one falls ill but you can choose whom to believe and place your trust in. My family and I went with our gut feel and decided Dr Lim is the one who will walk the journey together.

In the midst of all confusion and frustrations from trying to understand my medical condition to seeking the optimal treatment outcome, Dr Lim has given me such care and encouragement, not just as a doctor but as a great human being! He listens and very often put a smile on your face, I guess he knows when one is going through a difficult time, you feel anxious and helpless at times but he will be the one to lighten up the situation besides offering recommendations on the next course of action. I didn’t feel so alone and fearful with Dr Lim around.

We felt confident in his care management, never intimidated to ask questions when in doubt. The mutual trust and reliance in your doctor helped to comfort a weary soul. Today I’m well and healthy and looking back, we can’t thank Dr Lim enough for his kind help and expertise, the capable nurses and every individual who has rendered much help along the way.

And…do not be surprised if you see Dr Lim in the ward on sundays and late at night! The little things he does for his patients are beyond words! We appreciate your sincere thoughts from our hearts, Dr Lim 🙂


“Dr Lim is not only highly experienced but is at the leading edge of his specialty”

My mother was diagnosed with a blood condition known as Myeloma in January 2016. She was immediately taken to Singapore and placed under Dr Lim Zi Yi’s care. Dr Lim explained complex procedures, but he did it in a way that was easy to comprehend which helped reduce our anxiety about the procedures my mom was about to undergo then.

Soon she was admitted. The very thought of hospitalization was scary and traumatizing. But Dr Lim left no stones unturned in making my mother feel at home. He would often walk in and check on stuffs; right from the food she received at the hospital to even building up a conversation to make her feel better. Dr Lim spent time to look beyond the medical reports and understood the difficulties my mother went through.

During her stay at the hospital my mother underwent few chemotherapies and a couple of radiotherapies but nothing could jeopardize her lively nature. She had zero hair loss with negligible health deterioration and looked pretty even on her hospital bed. All thanks to Dr Lim! His healing hands had worked wonders on my mother. He had all her therapies and medication designed in such a way that it was really difficult to call my mother a cancer patient!

Dr Lim is not only highly experienced but is at the leading edge of his specialty. His overwhelming passion for his work and absolute dedication towards his patients could be reflected in his compassionate and empathetic treatment of my mother’s illness.

Dr Lim was a therapist, a supporter, a well wisher and an angel in disguise for my mother. And in return my mother had blind faith in her doctor and believed she was in the safest hand possible. He treated my mother at the Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital, Singapore for 5 months and had her on follow-up for another year.

Dr Lim is not only an extraordinary doctor but also an extraordinary human being. He knows how to communicate with his patients beyond the boundaries of medical science. I would like to thank him for showing so much care and concern. I wish my mother was alive today. She would have loved to pen down her words of gratification for him.

May the future hold the very best for Dr Lim Zi Yi and his family.

Best Regards.

Aysha and Akhtar

“…honest and transparent, always making sure the patient feels included…”

I was diagnosed with Lymphoma in August 2016 and was in Dr. Lim’s care throughout … taking for granted his professional brilliance, what is exceptional about Dr. Lim is that he is proactive and pragmatic, honest and transparent, always making sure the patient feels included, aware and in control of the condition and treatment. The worst thing about a critical illness is that you feel you don’t know what is going and your life is in someone else’s hands. In Dr. Lim ‘s care, my family and I never felt at any stage that we were left out, in the dark or unaware of what was going on and we trusted him completely! The trust in our doctor played a huge role in us remaining calm during the dark days as we were always well prepared by Dr. Lim and knew what to anticipate and expect when things got worse.

With regard to professional courtesy, bedside manner and good humour. Dr. Lim and his team are par excellance – My family and I could never have made it through the tough times without their love, care and laughter!

Finally, for patients like me who do not live in Singapore, his response time on watsap is worth a Guinness book entry! Irrespective of the time, weekend or holiday, you can be sure Dr. Lim will respond.

Shalini R.

“…we felt safe in their care…”

Dr Lim’s deep knowledge and expertise in his field, together with his warm and truly caring manner and that of his entire team, meant that we felt safe in their care at the most frightening time in our lives. (Alison)

We know that the confidence we have in Dr Lim and his team, and how comfortable we feel in their capable hands has made all the difference in my recovery from AML (which required a stem cell transplant 18 months ago.)

I cannot recommend Dr Lim and his team highly enough. Here’s to the future! (Leon)

Leon and Alison de la Cour

From Dr Lim ZiYi

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