Talk on Practical Haematology in the Primary Care Setting at Farrer Park Hospital

On 18 July 2019, Dr Lim Zi-Yi held a lunchtime CME talk to Primary Care Physicians at Farrer Park Hospital

He threw light on some of the common consultative haematological issues which are encountered in primary practice. He also discussed the management strategies, as well as when the best time is for cases to be referred for a specialist opinion.

Benign Haematology (blood disorders not involving cancer) form a big part of our practice for both inpatients and outpatients. This covers a vast area including blood transfusions, clotting problems, deep vein thrombosis (DVT), anaemia, and other issues with high and low blood counts.

Dr Lim had a great time and was happy to share practical experience on how to manage blood disorders in the primary care setting. The talk ended with a good interactive session with fellow colleagues.

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